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Most people are aware that cranberry has long been used to alleviate and prevent UTI’s and cystitis. Many men and women have made use of this traditional remedy for hundreds of years, but how does it work?

The truth is that there is no general consensus amongst researchers on how cranberries effect the urinary tract system, some believe it creates a barrier between the bacteria and the urinary tract, and others think that it works by changing the state of the bacteria itself. Originally it was thought that cranberry created an acidic environment, stunting the ability for the bacteria to grow.

Regardless of the uncertainty, cranberry has been proven to relieve or even prevent the burning, painful symptoms that characterise a UTI, and people all over the world are thankful.

Using a cranberry supplement differs from person to person. People who chronically suffer regular bacterial infections will likely benefit from taking a daily dose of cranberry. People who contract UTI’s only occasionally will find that starting a course as soon as the experience that first niggling uncomfortable feeling will be adequate. Most people find that being quick to start a cranberry supplement course along with a steady intake of water will find their symptoms disappear shortly, or the period of their infections will feel less severe. Sounds good right? Use an iherb coupon codes at iherb.com to score a great cranberry product from their wide selection.

It is recommended to take your cranberry dose in a capsule or tablet form, you could indeed get the same effects from drinking cranberry juice, but monitoring the amount of active ingredients in a juice formula is difficult and no two juices will be the same. Capsules have the exact specific dose required, no guess work. Also juices can have a high sugar and acid content, which is bad for your teeth and might not be agreeable to a sensitive stomach. Some people may simply not like the taste of this tart strong juice, so a pre-packed tablet may the best option for them.

Other health benefits about cranberry that you may not know is that it is a rich source of vitamin C, it are full of antioxidants, it has been shown that it cranberry could help with alleviating kidney stones, and can help with yeast infections.

With all the amazing things this urinary health wonder product can help with its little wonder that cranberry extract supplements are a womans best friend. You can find a wide range of cranberry supplements at iherb.com and you can try cranberry for yourself for cheaper by using an iherb referral code.